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Safe Driving Tips

Safety is essential while behind the wheel. Here are some tips from Camperdown Ute & Truck Rentals before getting behind the wheel.

Focus on The Road

Focus can be the difference between life and death while driving. Stay focused. Avoid interruptions by being prepared. Keep the music low, have children pre occupied with travel games and pillows for comfort, have pets properly secured, etc. Practice defensive driving, keep to safe speeds and make sure everyone in the vehicle is buckled up.

Defensive Driving

Be a defensive driver. Defensive driving optimizes safety on the road. Do not assume that you can rely on other drivers to follow road and safety rules. Expect the unexpected. Follow all road and safety rules like the two-second rule. Drive cautiously in bad weather and allow exceptions like making the two-second rule a four-second rule. Don’t change lanes without putting on your blinker and checking your blind spot. Know the road and safety rules before you get behind the wheel.

Know Your Route

When traveling from one place to another, it is important to allow yourself plenty of time. Don’t rush. Allow time for coffee breaks, calling or texting, resting when tired and eating. Taking the time to ensure that you have the time to take the breaks you need can mean the difference of your safe arrival.

Be Safe

It is essential that safety is the priority while driving. Don’t start the engine unless you are clean and sober. Be sure that all children are properly restrained as well as all cargo and animals. Everything should be secure. Have all items you’ll need while driving such as beverages, toll fare, etc. easy within reach. Know the road and safety rules and practice defensive driving.

Keep the Children Happy

Having the children occupied while driving will relieve a great deal of stress. Have plenty of activities for the children and make them comfortable by giving them their favorite pillow or teddy bear.

If You Feel Yourself Getting Tired Pull Over

If you feel that you are getting drowsy, then pull off the road. Staying behind the wheel when you are tired could be fatal.

If You Are Involved in An Accident

If the unfortunate event of an accident :

  • Stay at the scene of the accident
  • Immediately contact the local police or 000
  • If you are on a busy highway, stay in the vehicle until authorities arrive
  • Exchange details with drivers involved in the accident
  • Contact your insurance provider


Driving in Bad Weather

When driving in bad weather, extra precaution is necessary. Be sure to:

  • Have everyone in the vehicle properly secured in seat belts. Be sure to have each child in the proper child restraints for their age, weight, and size. Also, have pets properly restrained.
  • Be extra cautious in icy areas like intersections, bridges, overpasses and shaded areas.
  • Stay informed about weather and road conditions.
  • Have the vehicle equipped with an emergency kit. The kit should include jumper cables, flairs, blankets, and a first aid kit.
  • Have the mobile phones charged and the gas tank full.


The safety practiced while driving can never be underestimated. Stay safe. Practice defensive driving and follow all road and safety rules.

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