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Returning Utes & Trucks

While returning a rented Ute or Truck, please read all guidelines to ensure a speedy return.

Returning Date & Time

Camperdown Ute & Truck Rentals will send a confirmation email and rental record once a vehicle is reserved. The email will include the return date & time. For renters that require special circumstances like a late return, it is necessary to speak with a representative of Camperdown Ute & Truck Rentals.

Late Returns

While we prefer that our Utes & Trucks are returned as close to the return time as possible, we understand that sometimes rental returns may be late. When returning a vehicle past the return time, please contact a representative at Camperdown Ute & Truck Rentals. We do reserve the right to charge an extra day rental on late returns.

Unattended Rentals

When returning a vehicle after business hours, it is important to have approval from a Camperdown Ute & Truck Rentals representative, as well as leave the key and a copy of the rental agreement in the key drop off box. The responsibility of the vehicle remains with the renters until our business opens and the vehicle is properly checked in.

Return Damage Inspection

Camperdown Ute & Truck Rentals inspects all vehicles upon check in. A team member will inspect the vehicle for any damage that has occurred during the rental period. Any damage found will be added to the invoice. Should damage and collision protection be included in the rental, the insurance will be properly applied.

Fuel Level

When returning a vehicle, be certain that the fuel is at the same level as when the vehicle was checked out, as per the fuel option agreed upon when reserving the vehicle.

Before Dropping Off Your Vehicle

  • Fill the tank to the level as when you picked up the vehicle
  • Be sure to clean out the interior and cargo area of the vehicle
  • Check for any damage that occured during the rental to report to a representative of Camperdown Ute & Truck Rentals

For more information on our rental policies, please contact Camperdown Ute & Truck Rentals at 02 8039 6196